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Learn how to trade cryptocurrency with master traders and a large community of like-minded investors.

Our community provides 24/7 support, trade ideas, and live Zoom calls that are tailored to help you succeed.

Beginners Course and step-by-step guide to getting started is included with our membership, with rules and risk management tools we work as team to ensure you have the best opportunity to succeed and by investing effectively - your money makes you more money.

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what's included?

Trade Ideas

Daily live market scans to keep you up to date on where the market is headed, access to our MOONMON£Y Scalp Indicators for Buy/Sell calls on BTC & ETH.


Complete trading courses at your own pace. Learn how to master the charts, trade psychology, mindset and more with over 50+ hours of lessons catering from beginners to advance. 


Closed Telegram community of members from all around the globe who provide endless support and crypto knowledge.

Risk Management

Learn the importance of having proper risk management rules, and the power of compounding.

Members Only

Gain access to all Members Only pages with easy steps to get started - Beginners Course, and Trading Bootcamp suitable for all trading levels.

Cancel Anytime

No lock in contract, you can learn at your on pace and cancel easily through the website anytime.



Five live Zoom calls a week with Kyl and the community. Kyl provides live market scans, weekly educational calls to keep you learning, and live trading on the best moving coins.

Alex (CryptoKing from the future) keeps the community updated on MM Scalp Indicator strategies weekly, and Theo shares his wisdom on Temperaments to help you understand how to become a better trader.

Calls are Monday-Friday, at 7:10 PM AEST.

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We have members from all over the globe from all different age groups and backgrounds. The 6-8 chat groups include: CryptoKings Main Chat, MOONMON£Y, CK Trades & Charts, CryptoKings NFT, CK Information, CK Beginners, CryptoQueens, and CK Germany.


All sessions are live on Zoom at 7:10PM AEST and are recorded for playback.


Subjects and session times can be changed without notice.

Education & Market Scan
Education & Market Scan
Trade Psychology
Team Trading / Market Scan
MOONMON₤Y Trade Ideas