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With Bear2Bull you gain access to the 33 coins that provide opportunities for large ROI's and portfolio growth. These coins will be revealed by Kyl on live zoom calls each week. You will also recieve the exclusive BEAR2BULL NFT with free airdrops throughout the portfolio strategy.


DURATION: Until February 2025 ~ Starting November 2023  - You will receive the NFT after commencement. 



  • Strategy members do NOT receive access to the CK Membership courses or community groups unless they join as a member.


Bear2Bull Standard

  • The current market is leading into the BTC halving and the 4 year crypto market cycle.

    Kyl has been collaborating with prominent spot trading experts to enhance his personal portfolio bringing his own strategy and plan developed from these experiences into this program, aimed at optimising gains for CryptoKings Members. You will work through diversifying your portfolio across various cryptocurrencies.

    Equipt with knowledge of BTC price action history, and research into the best possible crypto investment opportunities our goal is to pave a straightforward path for growth in the forthcoming bull market!

  • The information in this program are indicative projections and derive from historical market data. Trading naturally involves a range of variables that call for careful consideration. It is paramount to never invest more than you are willing to risk. The content described represents CryptoKings personal trading strategies, rooted in Kyl’s independent research. If you opt to replicate this approach, it is at your own discretion. Prioritise safe trading practices and diligently gather all pertinent information.

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